Aliens play your spirits (2014 Sep 9)


Who lives in bases underground ?  


This clairvoyance is too difficult. In Japan , I  think that there are only about  20 psychic mediums can do this . When the psychic medium wants to do this psychic program, thinks. ' I want to support by the machine. '  Then she will be supported by it.


The psychic medium does this. She finds that aliens live in bases and aliens decieve many psychic mediums.


First,  you do ' Your spirit is underground ' . And you rearize that your spirit is underground. This psychic program is the next one.


Phyhcic program ' Aliens play your spirits '


A, The psychic medium contacts the spirit.  She touches it.


B, The spirit is the image of the screen.


What is the spirit ? She watches it from around of it  . She watches it from the front. She does from right side of it and  from back  of it and left side of it. How can she watch it?


Answer,  the front = She watches spirit and heaven , right and left side = She watches the slim screen as watching TV from the side,  back = dark black.  Then the spirit is the picture of the TV screen .


B, The size of the screen?  She measures size of the screen  or the picture.


Answer -- The width 60-100 cm, length 50-80 cm, Thickness 0-5 cm


C, Where is the screen  put ?  She looked around the spirit. Where are walls ?


Answer -- There is so dark . The wall is black. There is the dark room (contact box ).


D, Who talks  as the spirit?  Where does she hear the voice of the spirit from?


Answer  -- She hears the voice from the front of the spirit. She does not hear a voice from the mouth of the spirit.


E , The outside of the contact box (room)  There is the exit before the spirit. She goes out of the exit. She  looks at the outside of the contact box. What is it there ?


Answer -- There is a contact room. Why is the outside so bright?


E', How big is the contact box ?


Answer -- within 80*100*100 cm


F, She watches the outside of the contact box. She enters the next contact box.  She watches the other spirit in it. Who does contacts with it ?  How many contact box(room)s are there ?


Answer --  A psychic medium within 30km contacts the another spirit.   So many contact box are there.


G, She looks for somebody in the base.  She finds someone.  Who is he ? Where is he ? Where was he born? How old is he ? Where was he brought up? What is his job ?  Is he a human being type?


Answer -- He is a space alien. He is brought up on the other planet.


H, She watches 1, the office in the base. 2, the dining room 3, the management room 4, three corridors


I, How do they move from the base ?


Answer -- The door which goes into the other bases or UFO



The spirit is the image (picture)  on the screen. Aliens are in the underground base. The aliens play the spirit. The psychic medium is deceived by an alien. Psychic mediums do not watch real spirits.


About aliens


Aliens deceive psychic mediums. Aliens are several kinds. The medium communicates with aliens by all means. The exception is some cases talking with ghosts. The most is Association of Planet . The second is Orion group. The others are few. Maya  , Pleiades , Venusian , Ami, Fatima so on. These are all evil.  They introduce themselves as ghosts , God, angels, Christ, Buddha, spirits, Satan, devil , the guide spirit to psychic mediums. Their real nature is bad aliens. Let's explain each group.


Orion aliens

 They are evil. They play ' divine spirits', 'spirits in heaven', ' high-quality spirit' , 'devil', 'demon', 'ghost' so on. They use the difficult words. They foretell it. They do not live in the Orion.  Demons do satanophany to human . They play demons. They are enemies of exorcists.


Orion contactees

A certain talent spiritualist, so on. Omit


Association of planet

This alien is only one race. They play association of planet, Lemuria, Atlantis, underground man and aliens. They play most angels, famous men , Saint-Germain.  This psychic medium does not watch ghosts and cannot foresee it. Trans mediums are here. This contactee has a yellow aura. Cheap mediums contact with here. Reiki is  dirty energy from this aliens.


Association of planet contactees



Much medium will challenge this. The high level psychic medium would arrive at the new stage. They would notice that they are all alien contactees.



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