Mediums almost cannot contact spirits in heaven.

In 2005,  I discovered that almost psychic mediums contact fake spirits .  You are a kind of medium ? You have contacted a lot of spirits. I think these are not in heaven . These are underground. I show you it by psychic methods. This demonstarion is for psychic mediums. Because, only psychic medium can watch truth.


I watched psychic readings  on YouTube. Psychic mediums demonstrated in halls. They spoke  about dead people@to the audience. They said spirits were in heaven. I could see what psychic mediums watched . But in most cases, ' spirits ' were fake.   These were not spirits. They are amazing psychic readers . But they are not usally mediums. They are contactees. 

The problem is simple. Many psychic mediums contact spirits. Where are these ?    Only psychic mediums  research  it .  So the answer is given. But, most of psychic medium have not do this exactly. In UK, psychic mediums contact ' spirits '. I prove that these spirits are not in heaven.  These are underground . I explain this to mediums. 

This clairvoyance is too difficult. In Japan , only about  20 psychic mediums can do this . Excellent UK psychic mediums can it.  Then I suuport it by the machine. I cannot prove this to common person yet. But,  I can prove this to psychic mediums.

Much medium would challenge this . The high level psychic medium would discover those. They would notice the real nature of 'the spirit' very much.

Mediums almost contact underground ' spirits '

This time, I prove that the most of ' spirits ' are not in heaven. These are underground.  When a psychic medium wants to do this demonstration , she thinks.  ' I want to support by the machine. '   Then she is supported by the machine.

Demonstration 3    ' Spirits ' are not in heaven. They are underground.

A, The psychic medium contacts ' the spirit ' in heaven.  She watches it. 

B, She thinks she goes into near the spirit . She touches ' the spirit '.  It is comfortable to beat ' the spirits'.

C, She watches the right side of it. What are there ? She watches the  2m right from it. What are there ? Where is it ? She does 5m, 20m, 50m. She looks the left side of it , above  it, under it .

The another method 1, Think it. The spirit and the heaven are the picture. Where is  the picture ? What is there outside of it ? Where the picture made in ?  Look for it .

The another method 2, Look it . ' The spirit '  is on her head as a small shining picture . She looks for the place where the picture was made.

D, She watches 200 - 1000m height from 'the spirit (the picture) '. The spot is  in the sky. And she looks down from the spot .  What does she watch around ? A town ? A land ? A forest ? Where is there ? Who is there ? Is the address ?

The answer -- She watches the land or the town. There is 1-20 km far from
her house.  She knows there well .

E,  She watches just below the spot . She saws  at the ground. Where is it ? Is someone there?

F,  She watches at the ground. She looks for ' the spirit' . Where is 'the spirit' ?

The answer  --   The spirit is underground . The ground is above the spirit.

G, She watches 'the spirit'  once again.  What is just  above 'the spirit' ?

The answer  --   She watches the ground .

H, What is underground? There is something . She looks for them.

The answer  -- There is a base underground. Someone is there. Do you find a UFO ? Are these aliens ?

I, She finishes this clairvayance.  Let's go to the place where the underground base is.    She is convinced deeply that the spirit is underground .

J, Let's search the another spirit. For example, the guide spirit.

 The answer  -- Another spirits are the same place. Why ? Because , the psyhcic medium watches usually the same place.


' The spirit ' seems to be  in heaven. But, in fact, it is  underground. Usually, there is 1-20km far from the house of the medium  .   ' The spirit ' is not heaven. Real spirits of heaven live in the sky. Then it is not
a real spirit in heaven. Also it is not a ghost.

You realize that the spirit is underground ?

 Don't mind. You watched the real nature of the spirit. You may leave aliens which deceive you. You are in the high place where past medium was not able to arrive at.

You cannot see those ?

Are you a beginner ?  Ask the excellent psychic medium of your friend to do this. If you di not so, you are deceived forever by bad aliens .


You are a psychic medium or a medium. This  is too dificult. The biginner medium can not see. Only high class psychic mediums can see it. And they rearize truth of ' spirits' . Because the person who has not communicated with the soul cannot see it at all. 

You are not a friend of the Japanese Communist Parti. I do not teach it an enemy.  There are always exceptions.

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