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11, Thought of Space


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The theme of human race changed every 200-400 years. Society is theme of human for 200 years. It is the end of the social thought soon. The next theme is ' Space' What kind of movement will happen?


Theme of Space

The theme of the human is the tip of the thought. It becomes the social movement. In the 20th century, the human got absorbed in reforming society. In the 21st century, improvement of the space is popular. What kind of social phenomenon will occur?


People begin the space research

People will do all effective society reform. And the times of the social thought are over.  We will improve a city and a building next. Then the life of people improves dramatically. The space improvement movement begins.


What is the rationality of the space or the efficiency of the space?

When the social age is over, the society does not change by economic value. The people act based on the spatial value.


What is the spatial value? It is 1, distance 2, population density  3, territory. 4, amenity 5, sensitivity 6, the ideology of the space.


1,  Distance

I cannot make the factory in the distance. A shipping charge is expensive


2, Population density

 The people gather in the city. The suburban supermarket destroys a town. There is a church in the center. The people build the town around it. It is natural.


3, Territory

The goal of the social thought was that all nations established "human rights". One of an aim of the space thought is to protect personal territory in social space.  The territory is 1,.working range,  2,  activity range 3, proper social size, so on.

4, Amenity

A livable house is good. I live in the comfortable city. The comfortable temperature is 36 degrees. In the room, 18-28 degrees is comfortable. The amenity is one of an index of the space.


5, Sensitivity

In the times of the social thought, all the people demanded "freedom". What do the people demand in the age of the space? A sense for the space is sensitivity. There are feel of a material, the volume, the beauty.


6, The ideology of the space.
The environmental principles are activity to say to protect the earth. The eco-activity is similar, too. These purposes are to make the earth a comfortable star beautifully. We should call all the thought of the space period the space thought.


In the ages of the space thought, it does not yet begin. I thought a lot them.


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