@Developmental Psychology 6



Social organization growth model 


Stage, Organization, term, Social movement, World structure


6, Indivisual organization  --  2010-2030 -- Collab, project team organization, Facebook

5, Group organization  -- 1990-2010 -- , Spin off company, Reasionalism, EU, EFTA

4, Specialist ,bureaucratic organization-- 1970-90 -- line staff , G7, G8,

3, Decentralized  organization --  1950-70 -- self-government , Nationalism,

2, Centralized  organization -- 1930-50 -- power, a despotic state

1, Informal   -- 1910-30, Many group occurred


6, World structures change each stages


Reorganiztion goes from micro to macro.


Indivisual - team - corporation - region - state - nations - cultual sphere - World


For example, the decentralization. Corporation is decentrate. The nation permit the university to self-govern. The rational nation is independent from a colony. The decentralization is done in the world.  The stage finish.



The law of the reorganiztion develop in the preliminary step.


The structuralism explain primarily the social organization. 



7, Prediction of my social theory  2010-2030

Current  is stage 6 indivisual organization


Today is April 3, 2015. Current stage is stage 6 to reform indivisual organization. The society make full indivisual systems. indivisuals make organization. It is gradually bigger. Facebook is famous.

Reorganiztion goes from micro to macro.


Indivisual - team - corporation - a nation - nations - cultual sphere - World

Where is it now? 

The right nationalism was strengthened until end of  2014. The reorganiztion reached the national scale. But, the left-winger party won in the election of Greece in Jan 2015. Thus ,  the period of the nationalism was end. This is because a left-winger is like internationalism. In November, 2014, the relations of Japan  and China improved. The reorganiztion goes into the period of nations.


What is happen in the period of the  nations reorganiztion


It is a kind of a regionalism.  In the nationalism, people  form national indentity. In the regionalism, people  form the indentity of the local culture. The common sense of values of neighboring countries surfaces.


Japan cooperates with countries (Korea, Taiwan, China) of the Chinese culture zone.

The people rearize  the Chineese spirit in Japan

It is the consciousness of  China culture, the Islam culture, an American culture, a European culture.


The individual is active in global more.@China cannot control a personal action.@There is the risk that a left-winger of the internationalism extends.

In Europe, the common sense of values is Christianity.@People may become exclusive for a gentile and an emigrant. The principle of healthy international coordination will strengthen EU.


The personal fluidity increases. The country which does not accept personal freedom is confused more and more. This is because an individual strengthens international cooperation.



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