Developmental Psychology -- About  youth


Developmental Psychology -- About  youth


I discovered the developmental task of the youth. I distinguish it three phase. The Phase1 15-17 year, Phase2 18-20 year,  Phase3 21-24 year. I was sensitive to my needs. So I was able to clarify it.


Phase1 , 15-17 year --  Age of Philosophy.

The human demanded the resonal philosophy in 16-19 centuries, the society in the 20th century.  The need of the human shifts to a spatial thing in the 21st century. Their interest shifted in order of 1, philosophy  2, society  3, space.


 I was interested in philosophy at 17 years old.  I read books of thoughts and the philosophy. From Plato to Descartes, Kant, Hegel. My need was not special. Most of Japanese highly intellectual youths is interested in the same thing . The most, dull person does not notice his inner needs. Therefore many researchers were not able to clarify this.


Phase2 , 18-20 year --  Age of Society

I was interested in the society at 18-20 years old.  At this age, many other young person seek ideal society, too . They begin enjoing  the social activities.  It is easy to understand this. They are interested in business administration, economics and sociology in particular at this age.


Phase3 , 21-24 year --  Age of place

The place means the area where we live comfortably.  I was interested in the place from 21 years old. I watched the building, the land, the town, cities. Many young person who are over 21 years old do not charm for a social activities. And they observe a building and a structure, a city.


The young man is interested in order of 1,philosophy 2, society 3, space.  The education about the youth must be the theme of the age.  


The thought theme of the human is same as the developmental task


16-19th century --  century of reason

 The human searched reason like  Descartes Kant and Hegel.  In the late 19th century, the human stopped to search philosophy of reason.


20th century. --  century of society

  In the 20th century, they began to build the society . They were interested in social ideologies. The liberalism won in 1992. The human stopped a social ideological conflict. They did not demand ideal society strong now.


21st century. --  century of place

People are interested in beautiful earth. An environmental problem became the big theme than the reform of the social system.



The human needs resonal philosophy in 16-19 centuries,   society in the 20th century.  The need of the human shifts to a spatial thing in the 21st century. Their needs shifted in order of philosophy, society, place.


The human and the individual have the same theme

The young person needs the 1,philosophy , 2, the society and 3, the space.  The human needs same thing. Both needs are same.


Thought and Developmental task is same

  philosophy society place
indivisual 15-17 years 18-20 years 21 - 24 years
human A.D. 16 - 19 A.D. 20 A.D. 21 -


Developmental task  -  15-17 years 


The young porson is interested in philosophy at 15-17 years old. Is it true ?

How to clarify interest of the youth ?  People check the interest of a large quantity of youths. I decided to research the person who was sensitive to his need. Because, the dull person cannot talk about his needs.


I did so. I was interested in philosophy at 16-17 years old. I read Plato Aristotle, Descartes, Kant, Hegel .  I read the book of a famous thinker from the ancient times to Hegel.

I thought what I was. I was attracted rationalism of Kant and Hegel.  A development theory of the reason of Hegel was the best. I was not interested in thought after Hegel, social thought these days.


I heard that the Japanese excellent youth read philosophy thought in a high school. France teaches 17-years-old youths philosophy. The best age to learn philosophy is 17 years old. The French judged it.



The young person are interested in philosophy and thought at 15-17 years old, In particular  reason.


Developmental task -- 18-20 years

Japanese many university students have a strong interest in the society . At 18 years old, most do so. Few students learn philosophy, thought at a Japanese university.

  Many young porson begin to think about society in 18-19 or 20 years old.



The youths are interested in the society at 18-19 or 20 years old.


Developmental task -- 20 or 21 years

 In Japan, many university students are interested in the society activity. When they become 20 or 21years old, they suddenly lose passion for it .  They start to watch buildings . They say that it is young to do social activities. Their interest moved to buildings.   It is not so longer the young person is atractive social activities.  In 20 or 21years old, They talk about how build the town or contry. They observe place or space and the architecture.



The young person is concerned the building and the architecture in 20-21 years old. Their needs are space.


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