Tokyo - Sendai Earthquake


I have predicted the M9 Sendai - Tokyo large earthquake since 2013. It will occur in near future.


 If geomagnetic and geoelectric data are normal on the day in Japan, it will not occur.

Tokyo - Sendai Earthquake

 It will be the big disaster as 311. At 7-11 pm. M8.4 off Sendai occur. After the 30-120 minutes, M7.4 off Ibaragi occur. It shakes around Tokyo.
   1,  M8 off North east Honshu

Time  at 7-11 pm.

JMA Seismic Intensity
 Miyagi 7   Fukushima  7   Iwate 6    Ibaraki  6   Tokyo 5+

Tsunami  --      Run away from coast
   Miyagi  3-5m
   Iwate    3-5m 
   Fukushima  2-3m
   Ibaraki       2m
   Tiba          1m

Train  --  all stop derail     (Miyagi, Iwate, Fukushima, Ibaragi , Tiba)

  Shinkansen   ---   danger in Miyagi . 
  Tokyo subway  ---  stop   

Remarkable Damage

   Oil tanks burn in Tiba
   Building fall down at north Sendai
   Sendai Station  --  Derail shinkansen go on home, ceiling boards fall
   Tokyo Monorail stop
   Sendai subway derail and fall into houses 
   Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line partly goes under water
   Metropolitan expressway partly fall down
   Tokyo station north dome partly fall down
   The Diet building partly break
   Sky tree --  Sub antenna fall ? in Movie Spider Man

Disaster Prevention
   After shake, you go out of the building. It may burn.

2  M7 off Ibaragi    --  Tokyo Earthquake

After the 30-120 minutes , It is coming.

JMA Seismic Intensity
 Miyagi 5-6   Fukushima  6   Iwate 5    Ibaraki  6-7   Tokyo 6

   Disaster prevention


1, Escape from moving furniture

2, Go out of a house. There is a fire.

3, Do not get on a train. It stop or derail.

4, Carry a flashlight. The area blackout.

5, Go down from a high-rise building. It burns.

6, Get away from a tsunami


Please take good care of yourself




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