The truth of the after life

There are so many wrong theories about the after life. Because,  psychic mediums do not see ghosts or spirits clearly. I watched so many ghosts. I talked with them. I know the life of ghosts. It was amazing. I researched it for 5 years. I found the truth of the after life.
You die and become a ghost

When you die, your spirit separates from your dead body . You become a ghost. You live as a ghost for 2 - 40 years. Someday, the spirit in heaven comes to you.  It takes you to heaven. And you live there for ever.

When do you become a spirit ?

 Your heart stops. And 1/3 person does the near death experience. The researcher of the near-death experience said so.  Even if your heart stop, your  brain does not die.  When your brain active ,  you are alive.

 Your heart stops. And about 15 - 20 minutes later, your brain stops.  You die completely. your spirit separates from your dead body . You become a ghost.

The near death experience is not real after life

The near death experience is the just before death experience exactly. Because, when the heart stops,  his brain is active. He is alive. He does not die.

As for the near-death experience, there are following characteristics. He can fly. He can move far in a second. He enters and goes through the another body. He goes to heaven. He meets men and women in heaven.

These are like the out-of-body experience.  Meditation people experience them well. Dreamers in The Monroe Institute write the same experience .  Most of psychic mediums think these are the after life. But, when they had the experience, all of them are alive.

Therefor the near-death experience are not true after life. It is the live experience.

Ghosts life

 I talked with hundreds of ghosts.  I realized that the ghost life is true after life. It is so different from the near-death experience.  

Abilities of human beings and ghosts are same. The ghost only walks when it wants to move. It cannot move far in a moment. It does not fly.  It does not go
through the materials (wall, floor, door, human body). It does not enter the
human body.  It does not talk from a mouth of a trans medium.

It can hear another ghosts voice. It watches another ghosts. They communicate each other. It lives humans houses.

Where do ghosts live ?

The ghost lives in the near house from its home . It like the bright ,large quiet house. For example, nursing home , believer Hall of the church .  Ghosts are not in a dirty houses, dark hospitals and tunnels, ruins.  They avoid cold dark places. They like bright  warmly clean places. Ghosts character and preference are the same as human. Because the human dies, and the human character does not change immediately.

How to talk with the ghost ?

Ghosts do not realize human thinking. But , ghosts hear human voice . When a person want to talk with a ghost,  he must speak. 

Most of ghosts do not understand your thinking. They are not be psychic medium.

Does the ghost go through the door ?

No, they do not. In many cases, the ghost cannot enter the room , when  the door closes. You watch a ghost in a room. You close the door . A ghost cannot go out of the room. You can catch the ghost.

 What do they every day ?

They do nothing.  They are ever retirement old men only a few years ago. They watch TV , talk with their frends. They spend time . They do not work. Even if they do not eat and drink ,  they do not die.  They wait for the visitor from heaven.

How does the ghost to go to heaven ?

A spirit goes down on the ground from heaven.  The spirit is the ghost until several years ago. The spirit comes to the ghost. The  spirit meets the ghost. The ghost goes with the spirit. The spirit opens a door leading to heaven.  When the ghost enters there, it is in heaven.  The ghost spends 1 - 40 years on the ground.  Many ghosts live in the ground more than ten years.

How many ghosts are there on the ground ?

Ghosts are 1/6 - 1/10 of the population.  Ghosts are 500,000,000 - 1,500,000,000 on the earth.

Why do so many psychic mediums not   notice this truth ?

They always see and talk with fake spirits and fake ghosts too. I know it. Psychic mediums talk with pictures of spirits .  They cannot contact with real ghosts or spirits.

Psychic mediums cannot invite real ghosts and spirit.  The reason why ? The ghost is far. It never hears her call. Spirits of heaven do not appear on the ground. The ghost must come to the medium on foot. It takes a lot of time.

The medium always looks up and watches the spirit . But the ghost cannot fly. The ghost stands on the floor.  The psychic medium does not watch the ghost.

Then what do most mediums communicate with ?

Bad aliens.  Aliens show psychic mediums pictures of spirits.  The alien tells false voice of spirits to them .  Most psychic mediums consider false spirits as real spirits.

This detailed explanation is the another page.

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