For person who wants to meet the spirit of his relative

 I can invite the real spirit. You can do so now. When you want to meet the spirit of your relative, say . " I invite (name) by the machine." It appears soon. You can do this demonstration 10 times in a month. When you do this in your circle, you look like a high class medium. This is free.

(Condition -- It is your relative. It is on the earth. A kind of medium (child OK) is near there. Her talk with it. You are not a communist.)

You write this impression in my Facebook. And  you can do it more ten times .


 I can invite the real spirit.  I have the ability.  say "I invite (name) by the machine." And the spirit appears in front of you soon.   No medium does like me.  
How to do this ?

  I use the machine which is in heaven. You call the spirit's name. The spirit moves in front of you at a moment by the machine. This time, You can call the spirit that lives on earth. Probably it is the spirit within 20 years after it die.


It is your relative.

Yo can invite dead persens. These are your father ,mother, grandmam, grandpapa, uncle ,so on.  You cannot do God, the angel, Christ , Diana. Because, they are in heaven. When you contact with me, you can meet spirits , Thatcher,  Gordon Higginson, Jack Corbett, Doris Stokes or the another famous spirit who died within 20 years.

It is on the earth.

You can invite the spirit. The most are called a ghost. This time, You cannot invite the spirit who is in heaven.  Never mind. All people become a ghost after he dies. A ghost lives on earth.

A kind of medium is near there.

When a spirit is in fron of you,  most ordinary people do not see and talk with it.  You do not realize what there is near you. You can do this only when there is a psychic medium near.  Her talk with it

What can you do by this?

1, You talk with the real spirit

At first , let's go to the medium. You meet medium. You think "I invite (name) by the machine."  The spirit appers near you. The medium talks with the spirit.  You can talk the spirit of your relative surely.  You end the talking. Think "Go home (name) by machine." It goes home.

Attention.  A psychic medium must  the person who had the ability since a child.  The most  medium who became a psychic medium in adults do not see a ghost. They are worthless.

2, You can prove that most medium do not contact the real spirit

You have to go to psychic medium who had the ability since the age of child.  You do not choose the medium  who became medium in adluts. Because she does not see or talk with the spirit or the ghost. She is useless.


You ask to medium that she invites the spirit of your relative. She say a lot of things about it.


You invite the spirit of your relative by my method. You say. ' I think my relative is here. I feel so. Do you see it ? ' You ask the medium to talk with it .  The good medium finds it  soon. She talk with it.


You ask the medium.  Which is the true spirit ? The first one or the second  ? 


May be , The honest high class mudium say " first on is fake. second one is real."  The popular middle class psychic medium insists. " first one is true. second one is true too. " The cheap medium say "Only the first one is real. I can not see second one." The worst psychic mediums cannot talk with real spirits. 

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