Method of Earthquake Prediction
My theory
I found the pattern . A symble of disaster appeared on TV. And a month later, the disaster will occur . We can predict most of disaster using this pattern. There are trafic accidents, typhoon , floods , tornades, fire . so on. One of a disaster is an earthquake. I call this method The Image Prediction.
I discoverd that the earthquake occur after 30-32 days the image of "cliff" or "space" appeared on TV drama or cartoon. For example , on Nov 2004 , I watched that the big meteorite fall to the earth in JP cartoon Gundam. A month later, Dec 26 2004 Large M9.1 Sumatran earthquake occurred.

I predicted earthquakes since 2010. I found that many image like "cliff ", "meteorite", "planet", "desart " on TV are a symbol of earthquake. The earthquake occur after about 30-32 days when the symbol appeared on TV.

Some symbol means a place. For example, the corn is USA. the western town is California or northern Mexico.

Special Symble
The Area Symble

When I cannot find the place from a symbol, I see the symbol using my clairvoyance.

I can research the scale, place, date and damage of earthquakes by this method.

The people believe since ancient times. Earthworms, mouses, scorpions, elephants and fishs have the sensitivity for the earthquake. They said that human being has no sensitivity. However, human being is the best animal. I believe that human is superior to the lower animals. This is the method to trust human sensitivity.
This method proves that human sensitivity is superior to animals. Because the human being draws the sign of the earthquake one month before the earthquake. The animal does not more than one week before.

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