About @Tasuku Ohno

Name: Tasuku Ohno
Birth: 10, April 1970 , Man
I studied economics at Osaka City University.
My psychic abilities

I am a clairvoyant. I can watch spirits , gohsts, space ailens  and any past and futures. I read minds of people and spirits. I can talk with ghosts , spirits and aliens.  I have many special abilities which the another psychic medium has not. For example, I invite all spirits which is on the land. I invite them . They appear in front of me soon.  I am good at disaster predictions. I watch TV. I find symbols of disasters. I remoteview them. I know what will happen.

I am a first psychic who realizes that most of spirit are fake .  A lot of medium contact ' the spirit ' . Most of these are not spirits. Its truth is the picture of an angel , a god or a die person. The picture is in the base of the alien under the ground.  

My theory

--  Developmental Psychology about Youth --

---After life is a ghost---
When you die, you separate from your body and become a ghost. You live as a ghost . The near death experience is not the after life. It is a experience when  his brain actives.

---After ghost is a sprit---
Someday, a sprit in heaven come to land. And it takes a ghost to heaven. Heaven is in the sky.

---Image prediction---
The image on TV ,the cm and the movie shows the disaster , accident, crime . Those will occur after a month. The image of a fat man is the sign that a sumo wrestler will die after a month. I see it in mind and I get the detail about the event.

Sign of Earhquake--' crust' ,' cliff ', ' crevasse ',
Sign of Tsunami-- ' tsunami ' , ' Space satellite ' , ' Meteorite ', ' ripple '

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