2017 Large Tokyo Earthquake  (2015 July 12 write)

I predict the large earthquake will hit Tokyo Japan.  This is the biggest earthquake in 21century in Japan.

Earthquake in Tokyo Japan
Epicentre--- Northern Tokyo bay
date--- 2017 at night AM 2-5
Intensity--- M8
Damage--- Sleeping person will be injured. Many billding will fire. More 30,000 people will die. few Tsunami.
Disaster protection--- No furniture in bed room. Get away from around Tokyo. Go to west Japan.

How did I find this?

I watched TV in March . I found that many people in TV would die later. Why ? I thought that the large earthquake would kill them. I find the sign in TV. I analyzed it. I concluded it. The large earthquake will overcome Tokyo.

What is the sign ?

Movie "Resident Evil: Apocalypse". I often use the biohazard series for the prediction. I foresee the heavy rain of Tokyo last winter. The zombi is a sign of the miry person and the victim. Tokyo and north-west Chiba Prefecture will like this movie.

Movie "AKIRA" . It is exactly the future of Tokyo.

Play Station Game "ryu-ga-gotoku of the end (http://ryu-ga-gotoku.com/theend/) " Downtown goes to ruin.

Why that time ?

There is a common feature in a lot of signs. "Black" "Orange" "Morning". "Black" is a sign of no light at night. " Orange " is fire at night. "Morning" is just morning. There is a darkness of night first. Then it is night.

Why the damage is so ?

I forecast the disaster from thees sign.

Is the hypocenter correct H

I saw through a lot. I specified the hardest hit area. It is the Chiba Prefecture northwest. The hypocenter is the south.


July 12 2015

I write the latest prediction. It will occur on 2017 .

Sep 17 2014

I find the month 2015 Dec.

June 16 2013

I change date to " after Jan 2014".

Sep 22 2012

I change date to " 2013".

July 21 2012

I change date to " winter 2012".

Apr 6 2012

I change date from " After june 2012" to " After summer 2012 ".

Oct 18 2011

I change date from "after may 2012" to " After june 2012" .

Oct 18 2011

I change date from "Sep 2011" to " After May 2012" .


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