@Developmental psychology 10


10, Beginning of new thought


intelligence -- Reason -- Society -- space


The development psychology of the indivisual and the human race are same. Both development task are same.  The current development task is 'society' . In March, 2015, it is the last stage. The next development task of the human is 'space'. What kind of the sign will appear now. How is the human interested in the space?


The human is interested in the space


Activity to protect the earth began in about 1990. This is because the human solves global warming. Eco-activity and environmental principles are strengthened year by year. The human lives on the earth. These are activity to make the earth better.


There is the activity to make a city better. The office space is researched. The manager reformed the organization system and increase efficiency until now. However, it is the limit. Then, the manager improves space in the company. It is the latest theme.


The people feel that the change of the social system comes to the limit. The person has begun to improve a spatial thing at last. These are still done only at the tip of the company. It does not in a whole society. But, the activity will gradually spread.



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