@Developmental Psychology 9  (4/21)


Social organization growth model 


Stage, Organization, term, Social movement, World structure


6, Indivisual organization  --  2010-2030 -- Collab, project team organization, Facebook

5, Group organization  -- 1990-2010 -- , Spin off company, Reasionalism, EU, EFTA

4, Specialist ,bureaucratic organization-- 1970-90 -- line staff , G7, G8,

3, Decentralized  organization --  1950-70 -- self-government , Nationalism,

2, Centralized  organization -- 1930-50 -- power, a despotic state

1, Informal   -- 1910-30, Many group occurred


9, What rises in the end of the age of the social thought


It is 2015 now. The times of the social thought are over about 15 years later. The terminal event occurs now. What will rise?


1, The social value decreases


A, The social value is measured in money. Value of the money falls. The product price falls by mass production.
B, The economics does not index the growth. New technique and theories spread. The society develops. But, The economic growth rate is low.

C, The communism lost charm. The society developed in liberalism highly.The social revolution does not happen anymore. The people do not get absorbed in social reform. The Communist Party nation does not get control steadily in future. These will be destroyed until 2030.
D, The social value was referred to money and a position. The rich person is not admiration. In addition, the people do not respect the President and the prime minister very much.

2, People feel a limit for social system reform

A, An effect of the reform of the social system became small. The reform brought a big change once. Only small reform remains now. Basic income is like the last shakeup.

B, People go many nations. The feelings to a country and a social system are disappearing.


3, Someone integrate all social theory

At the end of philosophy of the reason, Hegel unified reason. At the end of the times of the social thought, somebody unifies social thought.

4, Social engineering spreads.

In the latter half of the times of the reason, the machine which was a product of the reason got into the daily life. The social engineering is the Internet. The Internet brings the human relations  by engineering.


5, A numerical formula model of the synousiacs appears

At the end of the times of the reason period, Hegel developed logic. At the end, a method to express a social system in a numerical formula is developed.


I explained events to occur in end of the age of social thought above.


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