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Social organization growth model 


Stage, Organization, term, Social movement, World structure


6, Indivisual organization  --  2010-2030 -- Collab, project team organization, Facebook

5, Group organization  -- 1990-2010 -- , Spin off company, Reasionalism, EU, EFTA

4, Specialist ,bureaucratic organization-- 1970-90 -- line staff , G7, G8,

3, Decentralized  organization --  1950-70 -- self-government , Nationalism,

2, Centralized  organization -- 1930-50 -- power, a despotic state

1, Informal   -- 1910-30, Many group occurred


It is the stage of the sixth phase individual system organization now. An individual plays an active part in society. Such a social system is established. The organization of the nations  is established by collaboration. Personal identity becomes same as the cultural sphere.


8, What will happen according to this theory in the future?


Personal fluid expansion


 Individualistic organization

In this stage, the individualistic organization gradually grows big.  At the time of nationalism 2012-14, it become the national scale. The nations were opposed each other.@Korea, Japan, Communist China were opposed in 2014.


In 2015, it is the scale of nations. The countries will cooperate togher. The nations are not opposed. Korea, Japan, Communist China are cooperative.

The problem is that extremism of the internationalism gains power.@One is communism. In Greece, a left-winger took the government. The Islamic extremism becomes strong, too.


Social identity

During this stage, individuals establishe the social indentity.


Until 2014,  the social identity is a national scale. It was nationalism. from 2015, people is aware the indentity of the cultural sphere like a cultural sphere of China, Christianity, Islam.   It brings cross-national cooperation.

Improvement of personal social system

The social system to protect an individual is enriched more and more. The freedom such as speech, religion, the association is not violated. However, economical security is not yet enough. The poverty is a big theme. The developed country establishes basic income until 2030.


Radical society thought, Communism will disappear


 It is only the stage of the social thought that a social ideology has influence. The times of the social ideology are until 2030. Since then the thing formed by radical society ideology cannot continue.@Communist states collapses until 2030. It is one of the phenomena on this stage.

Individuals go to the countries, companies of the world for work. The personal fluidity becomes higher. The nation cannot gradually control individuals. China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba collapse. This is because people come to more strongly demand freedom.


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