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Age Century Theme(Task) Thought Thinker
35-39 35-39 0D Point    
30-34 30-34 1D Line Literature, Music  
25-29 25-29 2D Plane Picture, Image  
21-24 21-24 3D Space Architecture, City, House,  
18-20 20-21 Society liberalism,Communism,
16-17 17-19 Reason Rationalism,Empiricism Descartes, Kant, Hegel
12-14 13-16 Exercise, power   Maimonides,
9-11 9-12 Sense    
6-8 ?      
3-5 ?      
0-2 ?   Temperament  



5, I analyze 20-21C by the growth model of corporate organization


I improved the Larry E. Greiner's model. I made the new model.


The model, organization forms change.


Phaze@Organization structure  ,  Typical Organization

6, individual   --  collaboration, project team organization

5, group teams   --  be split up into several companies

4, specialist line staff  -- bureaucratic organization

3, Decentralized   --  decentralized organization

2, Centralized   --  centralized organization

1, Informal   --


I divided the 20th century into six phases.


1, 1930-45. National power concentrate extremely in  German and Japan and Italy and Soviet . This term is the phaze 2.


2, from 1950, Mnay nations established by nationalists.  West colonies divided. Decolonization started. This term is the phaze 3.


3, After 1990, EU, NAFTA(North American free trade agreement) began. This is term of Regionalism. This term is the phaze 5, time of the grouping.


4, About 1980, G7,G8 managed the world. It was the phaze 4 ,  bureaucracy


5, From 2010, Individuals got many  activity place like Facebook. It was on phaze 6.


6,From 1970, resident movement began so many. That year is a beginning of something . May be, phaze 4, time of specialist.


 7, We lose Vietnam war in 1974. Vietcong (Vietnam communists) won. On those days, Nationalism had already finished. This phaze was 4 ( time of bureaucracy. )


8,  ISIS gather individuals from the world. IS is a kind of collaborate organization. In 2014, phaze was 6 , stage of individual.


9, There was once a widespread belief that bureaucratic organization is the strongest in 1970-80. The phaze was 4 , bureaucracy.


From these,


In 20C, the world structure changes . 2,Centralized, 3,Decentralized, 4,bureaucratic, 5,group, 6,individual  organizations. At each stage, the society changed organization forms.


The social activity obeys the principle of each stage.

It seem to be that experts solved any social problems in 1980s .  In German , powerful person Hitlar solve German problem in 1940s.  1960-1970,  university students demand self-government (a kind of decentralized ) .


Term of each Pahze


A,  Decentralized started from 1950. The nationalism after World War II began at that time. 1950 is start year of phaze 3 Decentralized.

B, A citizens movement becomes active from 1970. 1970 is start year of phaze 4 specialist , bureaucratic organization
C, On 1990, Soviet Union collapsed. The end of the bureaucratic system in 1990.

D, On 1992 EU (Regionalism) started. Stage of group organization. 1990 is start year of phaze 5 group organization


Thus, each phaze term is about 20 years.


Therefor, All stage  is  that.


Term of Society


6, Individual organization  --  2010-2030

5, Group organization  -- 1990-2010

4, Specialist ,bureaucratic organization-- 1970-90

3, Decentralized  organization --  1950-70

2, Centralized  organization -- 1930-50

1, Informal   --




These are 6 stages in the social thoughts. People had 6 principle.  People reform world structure accordingly each principle.  People develop their societies.


The time of the social thought is end at 2030. On those days,  people complete a social system. At that time,  the social system will not be defective anymore. And the social value will not be  attractive. The communist state supported by social value will be destroyed untill 2030.


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