@Developmental Psychology 3

Age Century Theme(Task) Thought Thinker
35-39 35-39 0D Point
30-34 30-34 1D Line Literature, Music  
25-29 25-29 2D Plane Picture, Image  
21-24 21-24 3D Space Architecture, City, House,
18-20 20-21 Society liberalism,Communism,
16-17 17-19 Reason Rationalism,Empiricism Descartes, Kant, Hegel
12-14 13-16 Exercise, power   Maimonides,
9-11 9-12 Sense    
6-8 ?      
3-5 ?
0-2 ?   Temperament  

3, 20th Century is Time of The social thought


 The theme of 20th century is the society.  People want freedom . People make a society with passion. Liberalism fought against communism ideologies. Liberalism defeated communism.


 I researched world structure changes. In AD 1900, small groups occurred. About AD 1930, The power of the state became strong. And nations were centralized . In 1945, despotic states lost in World War II. From 1950, nationalists made countries.  So many Many nation states were born in the world. From1970,  OPEC appeared. G7 or G8 managed the world. In,1990, Soviet Union was over. In 1992, EU was established. In those days, Regionalism began. 2013-15, Nationalism  occurred again. Individuals participate organization. 


2010-?    individually world structure

1990-10    group world structure

1970-90    bureaucratic world structure

1950-70    decentralized world structure

1930-50    centralized world structure

1910-      Group


I found that those world structures were the macro size of the corporate organization form at that time. Those world structure transition was same as the growth of the social organizations form.  I found the law of the world structure transition .


4, The growth model of the corporate organization


I think that this model explain the development of corporate organization well.

" Evolution and Revolution as Organizations Grow " (Larry E. Greiner +++)


Phaze,@Organization structure


5, Matrix of teams

4, Line-staff & Product groups

3, Decentralized & geographical

2, Centralized & functional

1, Informal


This model is mostly same as world structure transition in 20th century. At first a company adopts the new organization form. A country and society adopts it next. The world becomes such a structure. There were five company organization forms. Then there are five kinds of world structure.


But, it is luck of latest organization structures.


A, From 1990, The manager divided the company. The company became the set of a large number of small companies.

B, In 21century, the collaboration is the vogue. Individuals collaborate.


I think that on phaze 6, individual become the organization unit.  The collaborate organization is made of individuals. A project team organization is same as it. Those are a kind of  organizations of individuals.


C, The organization was made by every project. The member is gather each project.

 Spinning off of a separate company is on phaze 5 .Because, a company make many teams.


D, A bureaucratic organization consist of specialists.


I improve the model


Phaze@Organization structure  ,  Typical Organization


6, individual   --  collaboration, project team organization

5, group teams   --  be split up into several companies

4, specialist line staff  -- bureaucratic organization

3, Decentralized   --  decentralized organization

2, Centralized   --  centralized organization

1, Informal   --


I think organization growth model is complete. Because, individual did not divid. There is not stage seven. 


I wrote such a thing on my graduation thesis in 1992.


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