@Developmental psychology 1


Age Century Theme(Task) Thought Thinker
35-39 35-39 0D Point
30-34 30-34 1D Line Literature, Music  
25-29 25-29 2D Plane Picture, Image  
21-24 21-24 3D Space Architecture, City, House,
18-20 20-21 Society liberalism,Communism,
16-17 17-19 Reason Rationalism,Empiricism Descartes, Kant, Hegel
12-14 13-16 Exercise, power   Maimonides,
9-11 9-12 Sense    
6-8 ?      
3-5 ?
0-2 ?   Temperament  


I made a theory of the new developmental psychology . An individual and the human have the same development task. The personal interest changes as the human. How did I make the theory?

1, I found developmental psycology of youth

@I was interested Greek tragedy in my 16th summer. I read Greek thought. There were  ' The republic '  Plato, 'Metphysics'  'Nicomachean Ethics' Aristotle so on.  The thought of Rome was dull. I did not think the Stoicism was rational. I read 'Discourse on the Method' Rene Descartes with fascination. I knew that Immanuel Kant explained the reason in 'Critique of Pure Reason' .  I understood development of the reason in Hegel's philosophy. I was interested in philosophy then.


I read the subsequent philosophy and thought. But, I was not so much interest them. Nietzsche was cheap. Kierkegaard was vague. I was not still interested in social and modern thought at 17 years old.


I was concerend about rationalism and reason from 16 to 17 years old.


I entered the department of economics in Osaka City University at 18 years old. I was interested in social thought .


I learned microeconomics. The price was determined by the relationship between supply and demand.  The price was not fixed. The economy is uncertain. I realized that economics cannot explain the society exactly. I lost passion to economics three months after.


I started to study business administration.  Organizational Management ,Product manegement.

  I was interested in scoiety in 18-20 years old.


I  was concerned with  space , a houses, a architectures, a cities from about 22 .


I am sensitive to my needs. I was concerned with different things by age.

I concerned about reason in 15-17 age, society in 18-19 age, space in 20-24 age. I found those are the developmental psychology of youth.


2, Developmental task of youth is same as contemporary and modern philosophy theme.


My concern changes from reason to society and space. This is similar to modern philosophy themes from reason to society.


Modern Rationalism began by  René Descartes in 17 century. Immanuel Kant  explained pure reason. Georg Whilhelm Friedrich Hegel , He was the highest peak of the rationalism. Reason was the theme in the 17-19th century.


The theme of the human moved to the society from reason. In the 19-20th century, people seek freedom. They reformed society with passion. The liberalism fought against communism in the 20th century. The liberalism defeated communism. It proved the superiority.

I was interested in reason at 16-17 years old. I was interested in the society at 18-19 years old. I satisfied my needs. I was conscious of  development task.

My development task is the same as modern thought theme. Particularly, changes from reason to the society are the same.


I hypothesized that the thought theme of the human is the same as a development task.


In this way, I clarified development psychology of the youth by interest of my youth roughly. And I made an important idea . It is an idea that human and individual growth process are same.


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